Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hola! Just went to Torchsong convention Saturday! Amazing! John Barrowman couldn't come, but we all talked to him via SkyChat! He is so down-to-Earth, funny, and gorgeous! Brilliant! His mum was as drunk as a pirate, and his boyfriend, Scott, was.....err..... you had to be there;). Also, Kai (Rhys) couldn't make it, which is okay, because I'm not his biggest fan. But Tom Price came, aka P.C. Andy (think "Adrift"), and complete with a broken arm, thanks to that biker who hit him. Welcome to America! It was hilareous, because some lady who was very sweet, and also a nurse, had to redo his sling because he had it on wrong! Cracking up, and my dad (the only sane man who would come to this convention which was full of crazy women) was laughing so hard, I couldn't belive it! It took me along time to figure out who Tom was. Lot more clean shaven on Torchwood, but much, much hotter in real life. :) I also met Mark Sheppard (think Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, Dollhouse, Firefly, Bionic Woman). Don't really know who he was, but liked him immediatly. Very kind, funny, great guy. Can't wait til Warehouse 13 airs! Then, the star of my night showed up. GARETH DAVID LLOYD! But I can't say much, have to go :) But I can tell you this: I got to have a conversation wioth him NAD MY PICTURE! Pics still hyaven't gotten yet, but will soon and post em! yay!

Oh, and I bought the David Tennant action figure with 5 adipose, Dana has one of them, and the journal+sonic pack!!!! Awesome, I know. Haha! Can't wait til the convention in November.

Love ya lots!
xoxo Carly<3