Friday, April 17, 2009


Do you know how annoying it is to not live in the UK, and not be able to watch Planet of the Dead? Very. UGH! See, Americans with out BBC America haven't even gotten the chance to see The Next Doctor? The only way we can view it is if we buy it on iTunes. That bites. I got an iPod Touch for my birthday a bit ago, but I've only got 9 dollars left, and you need 10 to buy the episode to watch.
Triple Ugh.
It's hard being a Doctor Who addict ion the states. At least I bought season 3 last week. Now, I've got 3 and 4. Prized possesions. I'm having a doctor who party tonight, so it'll be watched definatly. I LOVE that episode "Blink" right now, with the weeping angels. Super freaky but amazing. Now, all my Issabella Blooms are facing eachother. Ha!
Got to leave now, so I'll hopefully talk tonight. Adious!

xoxo Carly